Egyptian Tarot Divination

Tarot is an ancient art using a standard Tarot deck of 78 cards in order to Divine answers to questions.


I work with my spirit guides when doing readings and counseling sessions.


Some people are afraid to have a reading because of fear of what may be revealed. The Idea is to give spiritual guidance and assistance in order to avoid possible pitfalls and blind spots in our future.


One should not be fearful and the point is that if you know where you are going it acts as a road map lighting your way to a better future. Remember, we always have free will and choice and we can change and avoid danger through the use of Heka (Spells) or by making different choices.


What should be feared is blindly plodding along life's road without a plan or map of the future. This is a sure-fire way to run into trouble. If you don't know where you're headed, how can you know what to avoid or which choices to make for yourself to ensure a better future for yourself?


I have many Tarot Layouts to suit your needs for Making Decisions, regarding Life, Health, Finances, Business, Family matters, Spiritual Guidance, Personal Problems, Career, Love, Marriage, Relationships etc.


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