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Rahotep Egyptian Sun Healer
Spiritual Supplies

1. Blood of AUSET(Isis) Oil
Highly protective oil breaks all hexes and curses and also acts as a shield against negativity. Great blocker against other people's energy if you are an empath or healer 

2. HET-HERUT (Hathor) Beauty Perfume Elixer
Makes a person appear more beautiful, desireable and attractive to everyone. Good for wearing to dates and going out as well as in business and daily life.

3. SEKHMET Courage Oil  for courage strength to act with power and confidence in business, meetings and life and at times when one needs to feel empowered or that extra boost of strength and confidence to succeed

4. NEBET-HET(Nephthys) Mistress of the House Oil.
Makes you wear the pants in the house if your husband tries to dominate you. Works well for gay males too or any women who needs to be the boss in  male dominated environment.

5. MOTHER MUT's Florida Water. Cleanses, Blesses, Consecrates (makes sacred) and brings the blessings of help from the spiritual realm (gods, angels, ancestors and helpful spiritual beings) Great in the bath or as an aura spray or body splash after a tiring day at work to refresh, revitalise and restore wellbeing and uplift. 

6. MA'AT Peace Water.  Brings Peace and Tranquillity and ends fights and quarrels.  Restores Harmony and Balance and acts as  natural relaxant to drift into deep states of  meditation or rebalancing  sleep.

7. RENENET Cash flow and money blessings Oil. Attracts money and brings increased cash flow and money abundance. It also blesses those with whom you spend your money, doubling the good Karma and spreading the Love and Light to everyone.

8. PLEASURE of BAST Oil  . For Attracting and Creating and Enhancing Sexual Pleasure  Use as a perfume, Aura Spray, or as an anointing or massage oil for those long sensual sexual naughty nights of intense and deeply satisfying passionate pleasure

9. AMUN-RA Money Kapet Incense. Use in all Money Wealth Proseprity and Abundance Sacred Rites, amd/or Prayers and Petitions to Amun-Ra the neter of wealth money and success. Brings amazing results when used with focused intention and visualisation etc.

10. AUSAR(Osiris) Court case  Oil/Incense Use in Legal and Courtcase matters.

11. DJEHUTI's (Thoth) Mercury Oil.
Used for any works involving communication wether by mail, email in person or sms, or all manner and media of communicstion or to open up communication

12. ANUPU (Anubis) Road Opener Oil. To open your roads and paths when you feel blocked or stuck.
to ensure one's blessings can come to one unobstructed and freely

13. ATUM-RA Admire & Grant me Favour,  Aura perfume spray/Oil Grants you favour with those in authority. Investors, Bankers, Bosses, Authority figures or in positions of Authority. Also cause you to be noticed, Admired and taken note of by people.
An Amazing aura perfume spray !

14. SERQET SACRED MARRIAGE Protection wash. To protect your marriage. reunite lost love or protect anything or anyone with whom you share a sacred relqtionship, connection or union. Especially potent when trying to reconcile a marriage/relationship gone bad.

15. Enemy Powder (AKA Boss fix)
To get enemies or troublesome nasty bosses to become friendly or off one's back leaving you alone.

The above list is but a small collection of oils and just to show some of the oils available.
 There are infinately and many more for any need.

Please ask for a special bespoke  oil to be made up to suit your specific need.

Planetary Oils

Used to grant and enhance the powers of the planet in one's work and life and rituals

for each star Sign to enhance their own strenghts and personal power or as candle magick anointing oils.

Chakra Balancing oils

SENSUAL Tantra Massage oils
Various...blended and made to ancient formulaes or clients needs.
natural aromatherapy oil perfume scented according to preference for :