Jacque (Rahotep)
Jacque (Rahotep)

Who I Am

Who Is Rahotep?

The Name Rahotep means “The Peace of the Sun God Ra” or alternatively “The Offering of the Sun God Ra” or even "He whose Wisdom  Pleases The Light"

I am a spiritual counselor and energy healer helping  people globally to connect to their joy and find inner peace and harmony.


Through the use of  TAROT, PENDULUM AND ORACLE DIVINATION (The art of accesing Divinely Guided Wisdom by seeing into the past, present or future), I assist people in making informed choices for their future, or with difficult decisions they need to make. 

 Spiritual guidance is so important in our modern fast-paced lifestyle. I call myself an Egyptian Sun Healer because I bring people into the sunshine and into their own spiritual light.

If we base all our desisions on Divine Wisdom by Following The Light we can never get lost. 


The future can be known through the use of Divination. A little known fact is that it can also be changed through the use of Heka (magick) and Free Will (Choice). 

Heka can loosely be translated as the art of magickal spells. Heka can be divided into LOW MAGICK (Spells to obtain material gain such as a job, healing, better business etc.) and HIGH MAGICK (Spells for spiritual self development and psychic protection).

As a practitioner of Heka I can assist you in opening doors to better opportunity in your life. I also give Classes in the art of Heka (Egyptian magick) . 

Heka can create better job opportunities, bring love and that elusive marriage proposal, bring more customers to your business; help win court cases, create greater business success and grant you and your loved one Protection to name but a few things. 


Healing also plays an important role in my work. We need to be healed in order to prosper and grow spiritually. 

Energy Healing is the art of restoring harmony and balance to the energy matrix of an animal, plant, place or person so that life force(Chi/Sekhem/Prana) can flow freely. 

I am a Sekhem Ankh Energy Healer practitioner.

Energy Healing work includes Shenu Balancing (Chakra balancing) which helps to restore vitality and balance.

Q. What is a Sekhem Ankh Healing session like?

A Sekhem Ankh Healing session may be given in person or through distance healing.  

The electromagnetic vibrational energy of Sekhem Ankh is transferred through the practitioner's hands with the hands placed on or above the physical body.

The Sekhem Ankh practitioner is a conduit of the Sekhem Ankh energy matrix, receiving the energy from The Divine Source and transferring it on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy bodies of the person being sent healing energy.

The practitioner often channels the Sekhem Ankh sacred symbols, which allow the energy to come forward in a focused manner and open access to the high vibratory love frequencies of Sekhem Ankh.

The practitioner works in partnership with the recipient's conscious intent, higher self, angelic guides and the Universal and Divine Source of ALL LOVE.

The amount of energy received and integrated by the individual will be exactly that which will best serve his or her highest good at that particular moment in time.

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